The Genealogy of Hugh Lloyd of

Baynham Hall

(1770 - 1856)

This  Web Site is dedicated to the Memory and Research of 

John Stratton (1920 - 1993)

For many years, John Stratton was the keeper and keen researcher of the Lloyd Family Genealogy, in 1993 he died and many of his papers were given to my Father, John Lloyd.  I suggested transferring the information to computer to permanently record it and facilitate easy reproduction for anyone who wanted a copy.  Since then I have been bitten by the "bug" and have worked to flesh out the information and, if possible, to research Hugh Lloyds origins.  

The Family Tree begins with John Lloyd of Brynnant, a farm near Llandewi Ystradenni, however the link between John Lloyd of Brynnant and Hugh Lloyd of Baynham Hall is speculative rather than confirmed.  It is certainly feasible that John, at the age of 45, fathered Hugh, though for the moment I am unable to prove that connection.  However, I have uncovered evidence of a sizeable population of Lloyds living in and around Llandewi Ystradenni in the 1600s, almost certainly related, although the evidence is, so far, only circumstantial.

This Family Tree and associated files are provided for interested family members and genealogists.  It is not provided for commercial purposes of whatever nature, please respect this....


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