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I am always grateful for additional information and corrections, particularly from those members of the family for whom I have little information.  Any information can be sent to me, by E Mail to David Lloyd


Locations: now features an interactive map and access to Google Street view.

Wills: A new page providing access to some of the family wills has been added.


A Book of the Family Tree is  available for downloading (see tab above).  This will be updated every time the Web Site is updated.


11 April 2011 - Significant additional information regarding the family of Hugh Lloyd, son of Hugh Lloyd of Baynham.  The picture is somewhat confused as his son Thomas (born 1850) was not the only Thomas Lloyd living in Crickhowell at that time.  However I am persevering and hope to get a clearer picture soon.


4 June 2011 - By kind permission of the Leintwardine History Society, an article on Bonesetting and the family by Dr Robin Bywater is reproduced here.

4 June 2011 - Family Gathering at Titley, Herefordshire - Many thanks to Christine Lloyd for all the time and hard work she put into organising the event, which with nearly 100 family member there was a huge success and raised over £400 as a start towards the Hugh Lloyd Tomb Restoration Appeal.

11 June 2011 -

New Tab added with published Obituaries.

12 June 2011 - .

  • Web Pages updated with the information from Titley.

  • New tab added listing all known Bonesetters, and their modern equivalents.

20 July 2011 - Mary Whittall has now formed a local committee of family members to take forward the Hugh Lloyd Tomb restoration, a local stone mason has been approached for an assessment of what can/should be done to preserve our heritage.


25 Aug 2011 We now have three quotes for the restoration of the Tomb, £900 to flatten it, £2500 to flatten it and lay the stones on it, or £3500 to restore it, please let Mary Whittall know your view on which option we should take and, of course, give generously. 


October 2011 Restoration of the Tomb of Hugh Lloyd Complete, again, many thanks to Mary Whittal and her team of volunteers.  


5 May 2012 Web Pages updated with the latest information.

New Page added to the Homes Section about Brynnant Farm.


16 June 2012
To celebrate the restoration of the Tomb, there was a short service at Michaelchurch-on-Arrow on Saturday 16th June 2012 at 1400 (2pm), followed by Tea at Brilley Village Hall. The event was extremely well attended with Rev. Denis Parry officiating, prayers by Rev Adrian Lloyd, a reading by Gwenllian Knighton and a short talk on Hugh Lloyd by me.  Mary Whittal without whom the restoration would not have happened, explained the restoration process.

Particular thanks to the owners of Baynham Hall, Empton and Blaen Peak for allowing hoards of descendants to view their fine properties.
18 June 2012 I was given a number of additions to the Family Tree, these will be updated on the web site as soon as I am able.
29 April 2017 Finally got round to updating the site and I have now added all the updates I have.
27 January 2018 A Family gathring is being arranged by Gwenllian Knighton (grand-daughter of Sarah Stratton nee Lloyd, Liandrindod) for 23 June 2018.
Full details and a attendance form can be obtained here.