John Walter Bywater

John died suddenly on 29th April 2003. His career at York Street Practice in Stourport began in 1965, having previously qualified from Cambridge and St.Thomas's Hospital.

One of his main interests was Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the presence of Lucy Baldwin Maternity Hospital in Stourport was one of the deciding factors for him in moving to the area. He also held a Clinical Assistantship in Gynaecology, for a number of years at Kidderminster Hospital .

As a colleague ,and friend, he was always entertaining company, having a wide range of interests, apart from medicine, whether it be countryside matters, local history or just local gossip.

As a partner he was always a reassuring presence possessed of sound common sense.

He retired in 1998 having previously steered the practice through it's enlargement into the adjacent York House in 1997. Unfortunately his retirement was all too brief. He leaves a wife, Louise, and two Children and three Grandchildren.