1. 1881 British Census
2. 1901 British Census
3. Name:Llan-Howell
Latitude:52 12 N
Longitude:3 7.3 W
Notes:Farm house? Up a footpath just off the B4594 from Gladestry to Kington, opposite a, now, disused Quarry.
4. Name:Mahollam Farm
Latitude:52 10.8 N
Longitude:3 4 W
Notes:Just off the B4355 near the Mahlooam Bridge, not far from Hergist.
5. Name:Halls Mill
Latitude:52 9.4 N
Longitude:3 5.2 W
Notes: Near Arrow cottage on the River Arrow just North of Michaelchurch. Currently shown on the Map as (Dis). Very tentative guess at location.
6. Name:Apostles Farm
Latitude:52 10 N
Longitude:3 2.4 W
Notes: On Apostles Lane between Brilley Mountain and Cross Way
7. Name: Radnor Express 9 Jan 1975

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